Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day -School vs Homeschool

On Thursday my kids who go to school told me they cleaned up the schoolyard. It was really no surprise because they do this every year. As for my daughter and I and the 2 preschoolers we went to Walmart and bought some potting soil and a new pot and went outside and repotted our houseplant that was outgrowing its little home after 3 yrs. We also picked up some seeds for the garden we plan to plant this year. Dd picked out flower seeds and I picked out some too and made sure they were the cut flower types. We also got carrot,radish,cucumber,watermelon,cantaloupe,lettuce and pea seeds. I also explained to my daughter that most people start planting outdoors on the Victoria weekend to avoid frost or otherwise you can start seedlings in your home. With our space problems and large family though we will be waiting. How was your earth day?

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