Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mix 'n' match

I'm still homeschooling, sort of. Yesterday the boys went back and my daughter in kindergarten who has never been to school before. My other daughter still wants to be homeschooled. After their first day back the boys are pretty happy although they say some things have changed. They said people are asking about my daughter and were happy that she is not coming back. Isn't that awful? My daughter in kindergarten refused to go to school today after only one day because she said the kids on the bus and at school are annoying her. What constitutes annoying in her mind is people talking to her. I told her they just want to be her friend but she is not convinced or impressed. I will try to see if she will go tomorrow. Why? If she doesn't she won't have enough french to function in grade 1. If she does stay home she will probably never be able to handle french school and will have to be homeschooled or enrolled at english school. So I'm still feeling stressed. Meanwhile the kids in my second son's class have just finished reading The Bread Winner about the taliban not letting girls go to school. Imagine what they are thinking now...since only my sons want to go to school they might be assuming the worst. I don't think I can take this. I feel like they should be all at home or all at school.


  1. Just curious, What are your homeschooling options in Canada? Can you get in a different type of home school program that might make things interesting or easier? We have a lot of choice here in California. I know my friend had to change from her normal program to something different for her highschooler. Many here are free. Ours is a charter school that pays a large stipend towards curriculum we choose, and supplies! Even something like Rosetta stone for languages : ) Inshallah we'll be trying that soon.
    I'm with you either way. Most days, if I could, I would send them to school. I fantasize about being left to clean and cook peacefully. ; )

  2. Here you are pretty much on your own. You can choose any curriculum you want and you have to pay for everything. There is no help at all. I did get free books from a school board once and this time I was lent books from an Islamic school. But other than that its sink or swim.

    Thanks for your support :)

  3. Wow! Pioneers! Please tell me you have a good local library.

  4. Its a small library but you can access other libraries through it in the county.