Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Club Choice - May

To help you get ready for May's book choice I will post it now so that you can order it from your library or favourite bookstore. Next month's choice will be The Faith Club. This book is available at my library so I'm going to assume its as yours as well. Its not a brand new book either so it should be easy for you to get your hands on it. This is a great book because its not only about Muslims but also Christians and Jews. So I hope to see some non-muslim readers next month!

PS How do you like the new Book Of the Month button my daughter made for my blog? Thanks, honey!


  1. The Book of the Month button is really nice. Your daughter did a great job! MashaAllah.

    The Faith Club looks like a good read, a definite choice for a book club. I'm not sure if I can access it though. Looking forward to what others have to say.


  2. Thanks, masha Allah. Insha Allah you can get the book and join us next month. Have you read any of the other books from past months or any of the books listed on the left side of my blog? I'm interested in what you thought of any of those books as you seem to be an avid reader as you have a book blog.

  3. I got this book in one day from my library! My daughter has also received it from her library and has already started it!