Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recipe Request - Cari Pap (Curry Puffs)

Here is a recipe from Chef Wan's book Flavours Of Malaysia. This is not exactly how dh (Curry Puff Daddy) made them but it will give you a good idea.

600 gm all purpose flour
200 gm margarine or butter
1 tsp salt, dissolved in warm water
4 tbsp ghee
4 tbsp neat curry powder
200 gm minced chicken (you can use beef too or leave out for vegetarians)
500 gm potatoes,peeled and cubed
4 tbsp chapped coriander leaves (dh doesn't use this)
3 tbsp chopped spring onions (dh doesn't use this either)
salt to taste

3 shallots
2 cloves garlic
1/2 chopped onion
1 cm fresh ginger
Mince these last 4 ingredients finely.

1. Rub the flour with the margarine or butter in a bowl.

2. Add the salt water a little at a time.

3. Knead the mixture to form a soft, pliable dough.

4. Wrap the dough in cling-film and set aside for an hour.

5. Meanwhile, heat the ghee in a wok and fry the minced mixture till golden.

6. Add the curry powder and stir till fragrant.

7. Add the chicken, potatoes and enough water to cover the mixture and simmer.

8. Add the salt and cook the filling till dry.

9. Add the coriander leaves and spring onions and dish out the filling. Set aside to cool.

10. Roll the dough about 1/4 cm thick.

11. Using a round 10 cm (4 inch) cookie cutter, cut as many circles as possible from the dough.

12. Put a tablespoon of the filling onto each circle.

13.Join the edges and pleat them with your fingers or press with the tip of a fork.

14. Deep-fry the kari pap till golden.


Stay tuned for the next recipe: Jemput-Jemput .

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