Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. Have you made any plans for that day? In the past when I was a Muslim Girl Guide leader I got my troop to clean up the land around the mosque. But one activity I am really partial to probably because my mom was a Beaver leader and I got to go with them when they planted Trees for Canada is tree planting.(why not sponsor a local scout?) Or here is a site that has trees for sale; you can give them as a gift to a home owner (great housewarming present) or plant some yourself. Alternatively you can check out if your municipality offers free trees for planting in the spring. My county did and I got a lovely Ivory Silk Lilac. Alhumdullilah last year it bloomed for the first time. Why not plan a garden this year? Start buying your seeds now. Find out if your local food bank accepts donations of fresh veggies or think of others in the community who would benefit. Apartment dwellers would love some. Take a walk with your kids or go for a bike ride and remember to make use of the bike lanes and then go to a park and do a clean up. So many ideas and these are just a few. Feel free to add your own here. Have a great Earth Day, everyday! We are Allah's viceregents after all.


  1. Salaams

    All Muslims need to be more mindful of the environment. Keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean and natural should be an essential part of our lives as Muslim.

    I believe Your ideas will go a long way toward helping Muslims realize this.

    I am ralso eminded of the past when I gave plants as gifts - sometimes a singular plant, other times a collection of herb plants.

    You ideas are terrific! JazakiAllah Khairan for sharing.


  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    Masha Allah.

    A plant as a gift is a great idea. Never thought of giving herbs. Aloe vera would be great too for its healing properties.

    Thanks for the tip.