Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Next Door Diner

On the weekend I got a chance to experience my friend's new halal diner; Next Door Diner. I had honey garlic chicken wings and fries and dh had the philadelphia steak sub and the kids had burgers and one had macaroni. We all liked the food except the kids didn't like the macaroni. I didn't try it so I don't know why. I forgot to take pictures of the food but ran back and took pictures of the place. The place was very quiet as its just opened. It was great to be able to order everything off the menu instead of only vegetarian or seafood choices. There was dessert too but we were too stuffed to order any. The owner told me she's been making cakes for 30 yrs. So if you are in the London area and you have a craving for some Canadian diner style halal food do stop by.

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