Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Size of a Mustard Seed

I finished this awhile back and I know there is one person reading it and perhaps finished but is there anyone else? The month is almost over and we will be discussing it soon. If you just started or are about to get your copy then you still have time.  I loved this book and I hope you will too. Next month's choice is Love in a Headscarf.


  1. Asalaamu alaikum,
    Oh my poor mind...
    Let's see.
    I enjoyed it once the story kicked in and we meet her family and work. This is a world I can't imagine--sisters like that, and beauty salon culture. The storyline underneath I could get and I really enjoyed being taking on an adventure that was totally halal.
    I was curious why a Muslim shop would be open during and after iftar during Ramadan. This is inconceivable. Most people hole up with their families and close shop around iftar time, I would think.
    I would have liked a little more ambient description. I am not sure how to phrase that... something more to transport me there and make me feel her character more.

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    I'll get back to this, not really focused right now.

  3. whoops today is the last day. I'll try to review (note to self..take notes while reading dummy) the book later.

    Anyone else got Love in a Headscarf?

  4. Here are some of my original comments while reading it.

    Now I'm looking back and remembering some stuff. I really liked how the character was an american born muslim rather than an immigrant as it was more easy to relate in a way. What I found odd though was that even though her dad was Indonesian the only thing in the book that focuses on that is the mention of a few dishes. Its weird not to hear any references to things like trips back to Indonesia or indonesian clothes like baju kurung or any reference to the language. The dad doesn't even seem Indonesian..he took her horseback riding? Highly unlikely in my opinion. The character seems 100% african american. I completely disagreed with her hiding her brother's marriage. That was unacceptable. And then they say the parents were ok with it. ARe you kidding me? I thought it was funny that she thought she should settle for the imam because she was getting 'old'. She ends up with the security guy which I totally figured out because she was totally checking him out (haram). I loved the whole socialization aspect to the book. All the sisterhood at the hairdressing shop and the eid party. The woman she befriends turns out to be her future fiance's ex. How is that going to play out? This is just the first in the series Covered Pearls so we will have to wait for the answer. Wonder when the next in the series will be coming out.