Friday, October 1, 2010

Homeschooling Picks

I finally bought some books for dd4 (grade 1) this week. Since she has to learn to read I so wish I could have found the book I learned to read with at school at her age. Anyone remember Spot? See Spot. See Spot Run. But this book seems to have disappeared along with other ideas like phonics instead of whole word learning although you can still access phonics with programs like Hooked on Phonics.(Amazon has it!) I got her the grade 1 Complete Canadian Curriculum at Coles. I also got her Brown Bear to help her learn to read as well as a Dora reading book. Coles was also sponsoring a local school library by selling Robert Munsch books so I got Put Me in a Book which she thought was silly when I read it to her. I like silliness. I'm also still using flashcards to help her learn to count and the wipe off books from Avon to help her learn to write letters and numbers. Dd1 told me about Progressive Phonics but I haven't looked into that yet. How is your homeschooling going this year?


  1. Another great site is which is a great interactive way for kids to learn their alphabet and learn how to read.

    The learn to read books that we have are called: "Now I'm Reading" it's similar to the one in this link (but ours is called "Animal Pals" and has 20 books in the set):

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Thanks for the links.

  3. I second Starfall. My daughter, also in 1st, loves it.
    Our Cousin passed on a complete Hooked on Phonics set to us, which is OK. Boring at first, but she likes them well enough. The work book is good for practice and word sets--also ramping up in difficulty. Starfall has helped a lot, plus we like the songs for remembering rules: "when two vowels go a walking, the first one does the talking.."
    I also got the complete McGuffey readers sort of a victorian reading set:
    I am fascinated by the amount of poetry, and morals...oh, and the complexity of the higher levels--really deep stuff, I'm surprised. Not sure kids like the set. More of a fun FYI.
    Dr Suess is good too. Though rather long.
    Homeschooling is going fairly well now. The Oakmeadow curriculum is giving me good ideas, and making it "fun", not just me doing an hour of work sheets with her.
    We also love singapore math-it's very nice visually and very creative towards getting them to think about numbers--not expensive- and you don't need the teachers manual (maybe $13 for half a year--comes in book a and b).
    I am thankful we are not sloggin along any more. I finally realized morning cartoons ruin any chance of a good school day, DUH! But I have been strict and it really helps.
    What else are you doing with home school?

  4. I followed your link, I can see why you like it. The vocabulary and story telling is very rich unlike what you can find nowadays.

    What else am I doing for homeschooling. Not much besides this. The Complete Canadian Curriculum covers math,english, science and social studies.

  5. I just opened up progressive phonics! Howls of laughter from my daughter! I think she also likes the tandem reading, and the silly poems.
    I wish I didn't fear burning out my printer cartridges, I'd love to have these on paper.
    Thank you!
    Aischa Umm Malaak