Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 1st Annual TMH Homeschooling Conference

This is almost two months late as I attended this conference on August 8th as well as my kids including handmade beginnings who is my oldest daughter. I only took notes for Abdullah Hakim Quick as the other speakers were mostly saying things I already knew. My notes are kind of all over the place but insha Allah you can glean something from them. He will be having a lecture tomorrow so check the link.

Homeschooling -Stepping out of the matrix (my title).

Islamic schools are an alternative to the public system. They have an islamised western curriculum plus traditional islamic subjects which creates a burden to the student. Its a crisis for the ummah.

Alhambra had a plumbing system for 1000 yrs and electricity for a 12 km stretch.

We need an holistic education; islamic homeschooling.

Basis for learning should not be book knowledge but learn character from people not facts from books.

Islamic education = God consciousness.

Islamic school has failed. Western style is not holistic. Homeschool is cutting edge. Islamic history. Teachers orientated them. Environment where they could blossom. Quran. Math. Hadith. Fiqh.

Role of the teacher. Revelation. Knowledge of the world. Put it into practice. Parents practice is the message.

Kids learn body language from western secular school from teacher and students. Kids irritating others to fit in.

If we practise our Islam in the society our kids will be equipped to cope with society.

Islamic revival- a change from within ourselves. The 40 hadith of Islamic Revival. ( His book).

Peer pressure. Environment. Rights of the road.

Heart is more than flesh, has mind of its own. Decisions made in the heart remain connected to the mind.

Righteousness- ask your heart intention-why are we doing this? Extends itself to character reflection of the heart. Reflection of the prophet.

Gatherings-sessions-revival of Islam-personal development to fit with the prophet.

Islamic curriculum usually has ibadah. Should have interpersonal relationships. Not how to fast but WHY we fast.

Learning is empowerment; to be able to be empowered in this world and avoid temptation.

3 Steps
1. Taqwa-Fitrah
2. Khalifa
3. Ihsan (Sincerity)

Let your child correct your mistake.
Greater picture; hereafter. Don't worry if your team wins and then if you don't, you commit suicide.

Homeschooling = stepping out of the matrix.

Al Maghrib-deconstruct history.

Christopher Columbus was discovered in 1492!

Whoever has taqwa Allah will find a way out for them.



  1. As salaam alaikum,

    Do you think you might homeschool next year now?

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    If I'm still stuck here then I guess. Dd4 could have went to school but she refused. Ds5 could go but its too far for someone in JK. Insha Allah if we move I will put dd4 in English School since she refused French school and now is not allowed back in...sigh but I will put ds5 in French school like his brothers and sisters.

  3. Assalamu 'alaikum!

    The fact that you're even seriously contemplating homeshooling makes you my personal hero. Cheers!

  4. Wa alaikum salaam

    lol,I actually homeschooled 5 of my kids last year and am currently homeschooling 2. 10 yrs ago I homeschooled my kids too (3 of them, grown up now.) At that time my son begged me to homeschool him because he hated his school.

  5. I'm a Muslim homeschooler - unschooler, actually, to my only child - she's almost three and a half. I think it rocks, but I wish I knew at least one other homeschooling family in my city who was also Muslim...

  6. Where in Canada are you? The GTA has a thriving homeschooling community and Ottawa too. I'm trying to start a forum for southwestern ontario muslim homeschoolers with another sister. Outside of Ontario I don't know what there is. There is no one around me at all. None of the muslims I know support homeschooling at all. They think its weird.