Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pop Up Card for Ramadan or Eid

Years ago I borrowed a book from the library called How to Make Holiday Pop-Up Cards and it had a mosque pop-up card. My kids had a great time making the card and they turned out so nicely. Another idea for making cards is to get some old wallpaper books from your local decorating/paint store and make your own. What kind of crafts are you making for Ramadan and Eid?


  1. Great idea for a card. We have always used the Arabic writing of Eid Mubarak on our Eid cards.
    This time I haven't had time to prepare any crafts for Eid yet. Umm Salihah of has sent me a beautiful package of card making items that inshaAllah will turn out beautiful cards.

  2. Salam C

    InshAllah the kids and I are going to make my husband a nice Eid card and put something special in there for him. This year we'll be doing lots of "make your own decorations" with the recycling and lots of painting with the's something they love to do and can be done outside so anything spilt does't end up on my floor :P :D

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