Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Visit to the eye doctor.

This month I took 5 of the kids to two separate eye doctor appointments. First I brought ds2 (14) and dd3(11). Ds2 turned out to need glasses and took it in stride having a great time picking out frames. Dd3 turned out to have perfect vision alhumdullilah and is in fact far-sighted. Next I brought ds4(10),dd4(6) and ds5( 4).  Ds4 also needed glasses. He wasn't so happy but did choose 4 frames he liked of which he will choose one to have made into glasses. Dd4 who I was told by another optometrist a few years ago that she had Dwayne's retraction syndrome was told instead by this one that she had lazy eye. Huh? Those are two very different things. He told me to bring her back in 6 months. I don't know what to think now. Makes no sense. Ds5 was fine but he said perhaps in the future he too will need to wear glasses...the distant future. As for the other children ds1 does not wear glasses. Dd1 does and sometimes contacts. Dd2 is farsighted..I get her to read distant signs for me on trips, lol. Dd5 (2) is too young to be checked. Ds3(13) also wears glasses. Have your kids been to the eye doctor?

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