Monday, June 4, 2012

Being Me Conference -Get Your Early Bird ticket

The Being Me conference in Canada will be held Oct 6th 2012. You can get your tickets now at a reduced price of $20 for the next 4 days. This is a sisters only conference. Have you been to last year's? I missed it since it was so close to the RIS conference but this year its in October which I think is a better date.


  1. Assalaamu aleikum sis
    glad to see you giving a shout-out for the sisters' conference. I attended with my daughters last year and really enjoyed it. It was very refreshings to be in a mostly women-only environment and to hear some very good female speakers. I say "mostly" because a couple of Shaykhs were invited to give talks, and at one point an "orang puteh" in a Santa hat (!) was trying to cross the sister-filled lobby bearing a large boxed gift... which I guess is what you get when you have a conference in a downtown hotel in December LOL... I gather the feedback was that being so close to RIS wasn't the best timing, hence they have switched to October, which I'm glad about. Are you planning on coming to town for this event? I'd love to see you again in sha Allah!

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    Yes insha Allah my daughter and I will be there. I know another sister that is coming from another town with a group of sisters so I guess I will know some people there. How would you compare this event to RIS? How is the bazaar?

  3. obviously a lot smaller than RIS but still good, for a first time event I thought it was really well done, ma sha Allah. The bazaar was good, but it was mostly clothes, not enough books! and they didn't do food, so we had to go outside for that. Downtown TO has plenty of options but it was a brutally cold day which meant we didn't want to be out too long or wander too far afield. The sushi place round the corner probably never saw so many Muslim patrons in one day LOL

  4. Oh I hope they will have food this time. At least it will be October and not December.