Monday, January 14, 2013

My trip to Malaysia -part 2.

Well after months of only being able to read about my landing in KL, you will now get to read and delight in the next part of my trip. After KL we took a small plane to Kota Bharu where my husband is from originally. There we stayed at his older sister's house which was quite an upgrade from his parents house that I stayed at 12 yrs ago. His parents house is a wooden house on stilts to avoid the floods. His sister's house is a stucco house with two levels. So this time I did not have to fight off lizards, rats, mice and bats. There was also air conditioning with wall units along with the fans. Also this time I was able to be more comfortable as there were no males for the majority of the time I was there. The last time I went I had to keep my hijab on 24/7 because I was staying with my in-laws which included my brother-in-law. After we had settled in we went to Tesco which is fairly new there and brand new to me in every way as Canada doesn't have that store as its British in origin. There we saw a donut store. Donuts are becoming more popular in Malaysia. I went to the Peace store for women but didn't find anything I liked in my size. My daughter (13) discovered Cool Blog which is not a blog at all but a drinks store. She fell in love with that place and kept going back to it during our trip for more. At this mall there is a kids play area but you have to pay for everything there. The guy looking after the area looked completely bored. After 2 days of being in KB we drove to Terrannganu to catch a boat to go to Perhentian Island. It turned out to be the worst boat ride of my life!


  1. Tesco in Malaysia? And they write the store name in Arabic letters too? Wow!!
    I know Tesco v well, they opened up a superstore near my mum's old house and it was like shopping in Wal-Mart...

  2. Cool Blog is very cool but I cannot be cool!hehehe

  3. Sounds like an interesting trip : )
    I'd love to visit Malaysia one day, inshaAllaah.

  4. Mmm Cool Blog! That's why she was wearing those glasses and saying that.