Saturday, April 16, 2011

I think I'm alone now.

Yesterday I got a sad call. My only muslim neighbour, the only other muslim in this town said she will be moving away next month. Not just down the street but to another city. I mentioned her before in my Ramadan posts. She was always sending me food for iftar. Alhumdullilah. The only other muslim before that left in 2009. Now we will be the only musim family in town. I doubt anyone else will move here because there are no jobs unless a muslim doctor would move here which we really need. Doctor shortages are extreme in little towns. So this news just makes me want to leave even more. Sadly my quran teacher will be leaving for 3 months in the summer which will also make things worse. Life is a test. When we are alone we still have Allah.


  1. Assalaamu aleikum sis
    sorry to hear this news. I have BTDT big time. Well, there were other Muslims in that place but most were ethnocentric and didn't care for anyone who wasn't from the same backhomelandiyyah and the very few others were into mind games and power struggles and wanted to be very big fish in a very tiny pond... and most of the mainstream were the local version of rednecks.
    So I kinda know how it feels. I pray Allah will compensate you with good company in this dunya and abundant reward in the Hereafter.

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    Your situation was exactly how mine is.

    Amin to your dua.