Saturday, April 23, 2011

Voting: Damage Control or Morality?

The other weekend we were graced by a politician at the mosque. We were not forewarned but had this sprung on us; we only came to eat, people! Once again muslims are saying vote Liberal. I'm sick of being told who to vote for. Why we should vote for a party now comes down to who is the nicest to muslims. I'm all for a party that doesn't want to ruin the lives of muslims but whatever happened to good old-fashioned morality? Aren't muslims supposed to enjoin the good and forbid the evil and not just look out for number one? Huh? Anyone? The Conservatives don't even want to talk about what they stand for on moral issues and you wonder if they have any morals at all. There was a day when the Conservatives could be looked at as  a party that stood up for something. Now they are only known for keeping the status quo plus bombing the heck out of muslims. Liberals well I don't see them as being any better plus the money they stole and now apparently their leader is some kind of clone of Harper. Anyone else miss Trudeau? I was too young to vote then but the country seemed to be doing well then. Then there is the NDP. Oh yes they are very kind to muslims, think Maher Arar, but they were the first party to ditch morality. As for the other parties I haven't seen anything better but of course the green party are being good stewards of the earth. I would be happy to vote for a party that even followed the 10 commandments as that would make them pretty islamic. But everyone is secular these days as most Christians are only token ones and 16% of the population are atheists. On top of all this what are the platforms? I would like to see politicians talking about ditching school fees. In other countries, especially muslim ones, post-secondary education is free! Then immigrants come here debt-free and have an easy life. Canadians end up in debt and its worse if you can't get a job to pay back your loan. As for muslims OSAP is forbidden although I would say 99% are using them. My kids didn't alhumdullilah. They have to work and go to school. Its hard but no one cares not even muslims who keep telling me to be involved in riba. Why should a rich country like Canada charge for education anyway? All the money goes to research anyway and the teachers barely teach according to my daughter and tell you to basically learn on your own? Why spend all that money then? But no one is talking about this issue. How about getting more doctors into rural communities? What, you don't want to force them? Hey I'm sure if you let all those taxi driving doctors in Toronto into the hospital they would be glad to work anywhere you put them!!!! But nobody wants to talk about that either!   In the end I have no idea who to vote for. Actually I pick none of them based on moral issues so I'm left with damage control. If a party is nice to muslims that's great but what about all the other issues? Who's going to help me pay back my student loan that I could never pay because I converted to Islam after college and couldn't get a job because of discrimination? I don't think there is anyone who frankly gives a ####!  I'm fed up with politics. Hard to believe I was once going to become a politician.


  1. Salam alaykom,

    Haha...ranting time...poor thing! I completely they all suck up to Muslims when it is voting time but we are always victimized thru out the year! I am not registered to vote so I've never voted and never plan to tbh! BTW there are opinions out there that saying voting for a kufr is haram so yeah. If it ain't islamic rules they are endorsing then we shouldn't vote for it...kwim? All the issues you've raised re education and medical all needed to be address in almost all countries but are always neglected or given very little funding...subhanallah...everyone now a days are occupied with the wars and where they can get a handful of money!

    Subhanallah! What happens in Canada if you DON'T vote?

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    Isn't it odd that there is free education in so many so-called poor muslim countries? That's what I don't get but yet we have to pay for it here.

    Some years I don't vote either. I keep going back and forth between picking the lesser of the devils or just not picking at all as Prophet Muhammad never cut deals with the Quraish every time they asked him to. I don't like being in this situation, its seems you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    If you don't vote nothing happens, its not mandatory.

    Its funny that a non-Canadian is the first and only one to comment on this!

  3. Salam alaykom,

    Well politics infuriate me as you may already know so I understand your view. I believe we had a somewhat good PM then he spoke against Israel regarding the attack on the flotilla and he was sacked from his position before you knew it.

    Our system here is that if you go to uni then you have a program called HEX where the govt. pays for you and in the future if you start earning above a specific amount then you start paying back your fees thru tax and extra money. This is good for ppl like me who don't expect to have high-paying careers but then men, like my dh are paying thousands in the year. Subhanallah. I guess it is alright since it kinda makes sense and maybe Western uni's are more better in resources and teachers than the mid-west where it is for free. I don't know tbh!

  4. Masha Allah at least you have a good option for post-secondary education fees. So when you pay back is it interest-free?