Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby friendly

For some strange reason about 90% of muslim clothes are made for non mothers. You can barely find maternity clothes or clothes for nursing. Why does every shirt and abaya have to be button free or have fake buttons? Its really annoying. But I finally found some shirts that I could use and here they are.


http://www.shukr.ca/Belted-Rayon-Jersey-ShirtdressbrSave-43-P64C41.aspx but this one keeps unbuttoning! don't buy it!



  1. Seems the Muslim Woman's clothes must mostly be designed by the Muslim Man--the one who thinks the woman should be at home in their jammies (or lingerie!) nearly always, therefore fit-for-outside breastfeeding clothes are not necassary for her.
    ~Brooke (I made it!)

  2. lol I sure hope they don't think that way..at least my dh isn't that way. The muslim fashion world should be dominated by women at least for female fashions. Where the sistas be at? jk.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum Brooke (by the way!) glad you made it!

  4. Salaam... I have been lucky enough to find a shop here in Saudi that sells some (not many but at least some) abayas that have a full zipper. Also I can ask them to make the abaya of my choice with my specs (zipper and pocket!). Before that I always had problems seeking out abayas that were compatible with breastfeeding.