Friday, July 10, 2009


Expressing your style and following the islamic rules for covering can be quite a challenge. Forget malls; its like finding gold if you can come across an islamically acceptable piece let alone an outfit. For immigrants there's the go home and shop option but for converts its a different story. If you live in a big city you might be able to find an islamic shop but for the rest of us you have to rely on the internet. Thankfully a great store has finally come to Canada if only online; Ordering outside of Canada will leave you with duties and the annoyance of having to send something all the way back overseas or across the border if it doesn't work out. Its too bad because european stores have very nice choices for islamic clothes. If you can sew or find a seamstress then you are one of the lucky ones who can avoid the whole ordering process and the lack of choices in styles in Islamic clothes. You can also tailor the clothes to fit you more perfectly too. Of course things have improved. When I converted I couldn't even find a single outfit. One woman at an Islamic lecture even said she felt it was discrimination that the malls don't offer choices for muslims. Hopefully the future bodes brighter for the Islamic fashion scene in Canada.


  1. i love the designs at shukr...though it's too expensive for me.

    if you get the SISTERS magazine, you may find more advertisements of muslim businessess..but i'm sure in canada they hv a lot too? No?

  2. aah, the never-ending battle of finding Islamically appropriate clothing. I always wished I had been taught to sew as a child so I could make my own jelbabs.

    10 kids, wow, masha'Allah! That's amazing.
    Keep blogging, sister.

  3. My daughter has started her own sewing blog, check it out for your fashion needs.

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