Saturday, July 18, 2009

Halal Meat

Our town up until this month did not have halal meat except for Crescent pepperoni strangely. Now they carry some box meat from Maple Lodge and some ground beef from Al Safa. But since that is still not the whole range of meat that we need we will continue our monthly treks out of town an hour away to replenish our stock. I love the store we shop at; the staff are friendly, they give us discounts and they always give free stuff to the kids :) Here I can find all the meat I need cut in the way I'm used to and lots of food that is the halal version of what I ate back in the day. You can find halal cheese slices, marshmallows, vanilla extract, bacon, pepperoni, a version of Wagon Wheels and frozen pizza. You can also find henna for your hair, body and fingernails as well as face cream by Kare and Hope and sometimes miswak toothpaste but not recently. What about you? Tell me all the meaty details of your life!

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