Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Library

Islamic books like Islamic fashion and everything else islamic are hard to come by in non-muslim countries. That is why I have been slowly building my home library all these years with books I got on trips to other cities or conferences or ordered online. This way my kids will always have access to many types of islamic books from stories to reference books. Even my grown up children of which I have two, come home to borrow books. I also have a magazine selection as well from Azizah to Al Jumuah. Insha Allah I will get the Sisters magazine from England too as I will be featured in it insha Allah very soon. So far I have about 4 shelves of books and I am hoping one day if we ever get a bigger home that I will have one room as the library/prayer room. I've seen some expat malays do that and I love the idea! Its good to have one room in the house where you can feel serene. I also give books as eid gifts every year for eid-ul-adha. I want my kids to understand that books are really precious things that help expand our knowledge of Allah (God) and bring us closer to him. So what's on new on your bookshelf?


  1. Assalamu Alaikum
    yay a new post! Well.. we just got 'Listen to the Wind' in from the bookstore- I read it to A. but its a little bit above her understanding and she ran off to play!
    I also dream of a library/pray room :)

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    Make sure to bring it over and I'll read it to your brothers and sisters insha Allah.