Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is Friends

Forget about facebook, IMs, email etc and concentrate on face to face interaction is what this book focuses on. I am in total agreement as you can see from my Fakebook post. This author though says we need to get back to the dinner party and cocktail parties. Ok the last one is a big no-no for muslims but maybe a smoothie party? Her basic idea is to open up your home and invite others over. Oh my she sounds like a muslim and didn't I just mention that muslims put too much emphasis on food? Well maybe there is a happy medium? I didn't really learn anything new in this book; its kind of common sense. I think this author though has never experienced what its like when you invite others over and everyone declines or they say yes and don't show. This has been my experience these past years. Another thing she talks about is white lying. In Islam there is no lying of any kind and of course not in Christianity or Judaism and she mentions that readers have taken her to task on this but feels it is necesary. I don't agree. I hate when people say they are busy and they are just making excuses. I'd rather people were upfront. And if you are not coming just say so or at least call and say you won't be coming. Don't leave the host waiting. She does tell guests to do this though. How about you, have you invited any iftar guests? How about guests for Eid? Is your door always open to guests? Is your house always full?

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