Friday, December 25, 2009

Food Inc.

I watched Food Inc. last night and although it was no surprise because this information has been 'out' for awhile it still made me upset all over again. What can we do to make a difference? The movie says vote with your dollars. What bothers me the most is the lack of organic zabihah meat. I'm already driving over an hour to get zabihah meat but to get organic zabihah meat it would be a drive of 3 hours. For those of you in the GTA then you can go here. I think this store should really be called M & M's meats; Mennonite and Muslim. The Mennonites raise their animals organically and the Muslims slaughter them Islamically. I don't know of any muslims though raising their animals organically in Canada though. But then again all the muslims are engineers and doctors right? I think we need some muslim farmers!

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