Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Spy giveaway!

With the launch of my daughter's Etsy shop; Handmade Beginnings, I thought I'd offer a giveaway from her shop. The winner (Canada & US only) gets to choose any I spy bag from her shop and it will be mailed out to them. Contest closes December 22nd, 2009 (midnight tonight). Winner will be chosen randomly. No anonymous comments. Package to be sent the same day.

So here's the question : What is your child's favourite handmade toy that they own?Also please state which I Spy bag from her shop is your favourite.

Insha Allah your child will love this prize.


  1. ASA

    What?? No replies yet?? I have three children, each with their own "favourite" handmade toy.

    My daughter, Iman (almost 9 years), just learned how to make a Yarn Doll. (basically, you wrap yarn around and around and around a book until it's as fat as you want...tie off a head/hands/legs...and VOILA...a doll! This is her big thing --- she hides it under her pillow.

    Isaac, my middle guy -- puppets. Any and all.

    Adam -- now, this is technically NOT a toy -- it's his beloved blanket that I crochet (how do you make that a past tense??) for him while I was prengnat...he's like Linus from Charlie Brown, that thing needs to go EVERY where with him!

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  3. She loves her felt food that I have made her, and most recently her felt fairies.

    juliecerdas at gmail dot com

  4. this would be for my niece once she gets a little bigger, and right now it's the teething toys that can be frozen


  5. My daughters fav. handmade toy would have to be her doll. But honestly, way more than she loves her doll she loves the tuke her grandma knit for her, now that theres snow on the ground its all about going outside but she'll refuse to step out that door without her hat.

    Anna- perfectbluemoon[at]gmail.com

  6. I have wanted one of the I Spy toys for my kids.

    Their favorite homemade toys are baby dolls their great-grandma made for them.


  7. My children love their handmade beanbags and blankets the best. I love these I Spy bags! My favorite is Zoo Animals.

    The Happy Wife
    ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

  8. I love the frog and spiril eye spy bag!
    My kids favorite homemade toy was a fishing set made with felt and magnets. :-)

  9. My sons fave toy was a stuffed Walrus! I like the Blue Snowflakes- Mini I Spy Bag! teresa@thesoapcorner.com

  10. My child fave handmade item is a rag doll her grandma made with vintage material that is so cute. Handmade items are the best! I like the I spy-owl the best. thanks! jacquecurl1@gmail.com

  11. My little guy likes the moon rattle I made him. The zoo animals bag is really cute.

  12. My little girl, age 2, has a homemade set of blocks that her great grandparents made for her. She loves to build them up to the sky. Then knock them all down.

    Love the I spy with the apples. They are so cute. would love to have one for my girl.

  13. My daughter's favorite handmade toy is actually an accessory--she makes clothes for her smaller bears out of old socks. She cuts off the shanks and cuts out holes for arms (and tails if it is a dress), uses the toes for hats (with ear holes) or undies. Once I showed her the basics she just went to town.

    Our favorite is the apples. :)