Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Muslim Home Decorating

Although a muslim's life is supposed to be very simple it is still halal to have a little decoration in your home. Pictures of animate life is forbidden though including photos on the wall. Quranic verses are also used as decorations but scholars say it is only halal if they are actually being used to remind the believer and not just being ignored. A picture of the kaaba (without the worshippers around it) in the direction of Makkah is a very useful reference point as well as visually lovely. Even a lovely library of Islamic books in their rich colours with gold coloured printing provide a beautiful backdrop. Duas for entering and exiting on the door are also a nice touch. Beautiful prayer mats and garments and quran holders also put the believer in a tranquil state of mind. Geometric designs also have always been popular in the islamic world as well. Happy decorating.


  1. So we had gotten this gift once. It's like this Chinese panel piece with like golden work all over it.
    And it had two peacocks. So I basically picked at the peacocks until they didn't really look like peacocks anymore.
    Or at least extremely mutilated looking ones. They basically look like trees and fit so well with the rest of the piece. I had read a hadith once where the Prophet (pbuh) took of the heads of pillows that looked like animals, so they couldn't truly look like animals anymore, and it was fine.

  2. Yes off with their heads! lol Also anything that you disrespect is ok too like mats that you walk on etc.