Thursday, February 4, 2010

TV - not fit for consumption

What's up with TV nowadays? I don't watch much but I like to sit down and watch decorating shows once in awhile. But I don't like being interrupted by commercials about shows called Naked Canada? And this is aired in the middle of the day! Of course you can change the channel but you have to be fast to beat the weirdo who hosts this show's diatrabe. Who comes up with the ideas for these shows anyways? Who thinks women want to be told what's what by these wimpy so called men? What happened to good clean tv in the middle of the day? Seems like you have to be stuck on TreeHouse to get that. How dare you watch a decorating show in the middle of the day and expose your preschoolers to smutty commercials! W channel shame on you not me!


  1. ASA,

    Interesting -- I haven't seen it myself, though I wonder if it's a spin-off of that "naked Science" show. When I first heard about that, I was like WHAT?!?! But I think it was a title intended to bring in audience, as it's very interesting (and there's no nudity)

    I personally only watch Discovery and A&E (the shows like first 48). I find everything else are just attempts to lower my IQ.

  2. No naked canada is telling women how to look good naked..I think the host is a muslim guy because his name is Zain but I hope he's not muslim or that would be even worse!

    Dh downgraded the cable to save money so now we are stuck with stupid channels. The kids really miss those good learning channels. I wish you could just pick the channels you want and not have to pay for the junk channels.

  3. Ah...yes...How to Look Good Naked...Nope, not a fan.

    And I agree about downgrading the cable...I would but then we'd be left with crap to watch. :(

  4. Sometimes the commercials on t.v are worse than any actual shows. I sometimes raise my eyebrows when I encounter muslims who say that they don't own a tv, and then they go on righteously about how bad it is. I know it is not perfect, but seriously, in my house we have so many wonderful channels that are incredibly educational. I won't let my family watch smutty stuff or even cartoons for that matter...sorry to have rambled on. Insha'allah you are doing well, I miss your posts on f/b...take care, Sister Elysia

  5. bismillah

    as salamu 'alaykum

    Television shows and commercials have gotten a lot worse, that's for sure. Alhamdulillah for no television... now on to the fitnah of computers!

  6. agreed! Those victoria's secret commercials-yikes!