Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jazakullah Khair -Terimakasih

Just a few days ago I received these lovely books for Quran learning which are being used in the schools in Malaysia now. 10 years ago there was only Jawi learning so I am impressed that the gov't has introduced Quran reading in the regular schools. A fellow blogger sent these; Bin Gregory who is an American convert who lives with his Malaysian wife and children in Sarawak.


  1. Is Jawi different from Malaywi? i used to think it's the same but written in Arabic letters !

  2. As salaamu 'alaikum Sis,

    I love Malaysia! I spent a wee bit of time there on my way to Australia (before Islam) and now I long to go back some day, InshaALLAH. Such beautiful palm trees. My kind of country.