Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Halal Trip

Recently the founder of  Halal Trip contacted me about their new service. It seems to be similar to Crescent Rating which I mentioned in an earlier post. You can check to see what others thought about different places they visited including the hotels they stayed at and the restaurants they went to to see how halal they actually were ie do they have halal food, do they serve alcohol etc. Their blog features different mosques to visit and tips for different countries too, including Malaysia.  Happy trails!

Here is the press release. (, an online directory of worldwide Muslim-friendly hotels, has recently launched to public. Users can easily rate businesses helping to create the most transparent travel source for Muslims. Each hotel profile includes information whether alcohol and Halal Food is served and if woman-only facilities like pools and other wellness activities and a prayer facility are offered.

"We want to be the leading online source for Muslims planning their holidays or religious trips. halaltrip is a strongly Islamic based free web service providing honestly researched information on Halal travelling. Ratings will be daily examined based on a fair and faithfully set of criteria. This is an underestimated market as we are reaching out to more than one billion people", says Founder Karim Saad.

Internationalization coming soon

Currently halaltrip is only available in English but will be multi-lingual within the upcoming weeks. "Internationalization is our next big goal! As soon as possible we are going to launch an Arabic and a Turkish version", forecasts Saad.

Despite the worldwide economic crisis the so-called "Halal tourism" is still on the rise. The World Travel Market Report (WTM) called this special segment of travelling an "untapped field not only for Middle and Far East but also for Western Europe".


  1. how useful is this!! We recently are becoming a bit more strict about where we eat. We always eat seafood or vegetarian but are now more concerned about other things as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Salaams:

    I never knew such services existed! Always good to have this kind of information when travelling. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wa Alaikum salaam

    You're welcome :)