Monday, July 19, 2010

Thought Provoking Documentaries

One of my favourite types of films are documentaries. Lately I've watched The End of Poverty? Think Again and the Future of Food. These two films are tied together in a way because you can see what the North is doing to the South in this world to cause unfairness in the world and what Monsanto is doing in the world to destroy farmers especially the poor farmers in the South. By North I mean those that live in the Northern Hemisphere and not the delianation between states. I've also watched Why We Fight and War Made Easy and you can find them here at this free documentary site. I think its important for everyone to be cognizant of what is going on this world and to make a difference if possible. That is part of our viceregency. Get informed, get involved! And I remind myself first.


  1. Monsanto is EVIL! We are organic farmers. My husband earned his degree in agriculture when he was 20 years younger. Now he's converted to organic and he said that his entire degree amounted to how to buy chemicals from the chemical companies. The degree was designed to enslave farmers to chemical companies!
    I can't read the rest of your post. That picture thing is right in the centre...

  2. Yes they really are evil! I think a lot of degrees are made to fit into corporations master plan ie pharmaceutical companies etc.

    The words in my post are wrapped around the picture ie they are to the side. Are you reading in a reader or directly from my site. Just trying to figure out why you can't see the words on the side of the picture.

  3. that website looks like a great resource! JAK. there are a bunch of doumentaries I have been wanting to see