Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learn to Swim!

I mentioned it last year and I'll mention it again this year, learn how to swim! According to this article 20% of immigrants don't know how to swim. Even in countries that have water all around them I noticed that the women mostly cannot swim. When asked why they said it was something guys do, not girls. Why? Swimming is a life skill. It should be a must in every home that all members learn how to swim. Safety is so important too such as wearing a lifejacket while boating. You never know when something can go wrong. Take a first aid course too and learn how to do CPR. Its sad to note that the majority of people who died during the Tsunami were women because they were never taught to swim. Please sign yourself and your family up for swim lessons, boating lessons and cpr. You might save a life and that's like saving the whole world.


  1. Salaams:

    I agree with you, we shoud all know how to swim.

    I grew up on an island with beaches no more than an one hours' drive away for many people. Yet many people would drown every year. One problem was simply lack of access to learning how to swim. Community pools were absent in many areas and the cost involved for swimmng lessons was too high for some.

  2. I wonder why though the parents didn't teach their kids how to swim.