Monday, July 19, 2010

Masjid BBQ

On the weekend we went to our masjid's bbq (out of town for us). We were asked to bring either a salad or a dessert so of course I chose dessert ( I have been known to bring a potato salad though once before). At the other nearby town's muslim bbq last month a lady brought a scrumptious cake that I promptly got the recipe for or at least tried; took about a month for her to get back to me. Dd3 decided to make Mrs. Fields cookies as well. Good thing because there wasn't much dessert. As for the bbq itself, well it was really hot that day and I was melting especially in my jilbab but I kept to the shade. I didn't get to shmooze too much as I was watching the kids all the time but at the end I gave them to dh and went around and made my salaams. There were lots of new people especially newlyweds and a new baby too. One woman said she'd made a jilbab out of the same material that mine was made out of. I told her its a good thing then that you didn't wear it today. She said the material is too hot. She's right. I seriously need to get cooler jilbabs. Her daughter was so cute with her little squeaky shoes which she bought her to encourage her to walk. She said they worked because after a couple of days she was walking. Apparently that's what they do in her country to get slow learners to finally get on their feet.

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