Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Movie Mania-All about Childhood

I watched two more movies that I got from the library, basically documentaries. The first one was Les Voleurs D'Enfance. (Thieves of Innocence) but really enfance means childhood but same thing. This movie is a very disturbing look at the system in Quebec that deals with children in the foster care system and about the lives of children there who have been physically and sexually abused by their own parents and others. In 2004 they said there were 13,000 kids in the foster care system. They are shuffled into Youth Group homes, foster homes, sometimes back to abusive parents and then back into the foster care system to face a new family. At 18 they are thrown out on the street to deal with life on their own although they are damaged and have not been taught any life skills. They end up homeless, jobless, sometimes resorting to prostitution.

Secondly I watched The Last Lecture about a man who is dying from pancreatic cancer and leaving behind his wife and 3 kids. His lecture is about fulfilling your childhood dreams. He is very motivating and upbeat and its hard to believe he is a dying man. Although I was glad that he had reached his goals it was sad to think that perhaps he had never found the true meaning of life which is worshipping God. I still think what he has to say is important though. Finding happiness and joy in this life is something we can all aspire too but we must remember that we should also share that with those around us. Life is meaningless is we are just living for our own selfish ends.


  1. As salaam alaikum,

    I read his autobiography, I believe. He did remain positive throughout the experience, subhannallah. You are right though, too bad he didn't find the true meaning of life.

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    I didn't know he had an autobiography.

  3. it was sad to think that perhaps he had never found the true meaning of life which is worshipping God << subhanAllah, I'm so grateful that Allah subhana wa taala have dragged me to the beauty of Islam.

    I am muslim by birth, but Islam didnt interest me at all.
    Once a brother in university told me :
    "If I was asked who will be the last wearing hijab or never for a whole life time of the girls in your year, i will answer : you"

    But as my teacher told me, no doors can avoid Allah's guidance, mashaAllah..
    I am so grateful.

  4. Asalaaamu Alaikum Rialive,

    Alhumdullilah you were led back towards Islam. With the way I used to dress no on thought I would ever convert but Allah guides whom He chooses; you can't judge a book by its cover ;)