Friday, December 3, 2010

Final Cake -Fondant Course

Final Cake
My final cake was completed last night. I made a two layer 8" cake. Then iced it with buttercream. I dyed my fondant to cover the cake with green food colouring. I also brought ready made fondant which is already dyed in 4 colours; red,blue, yellow and green and used it for my waves,turtles and butterflies. I came up with my design kind of last minute although the theme was kind of the same. I originally intended to make a palm tree but all the decorating stores didn't carry the leaf cutters and it takes 2 weeks to order them so I had to come up with a different plan. I still managed to get my waves in. If I had more time I would have made more flowers but I realized that cake decorating is very time consuming and good for people without little kids underfoot. No wonder people say cake decorating is for little old ladies! So basically this is supposed to be an island (green cake) in the ocean (blue fondant covered plate). I made the waves by using the top part of the border tool and turning it upside down. The teacher gave me the idea because I couldn't figure out how to make waves freehand and make them uniform.

What can I say about the course? It costs a lot and there's too much food wastage; fondant covered plate that won't be eaten and too much fondant drying out and being thrown away. I'm glad I took it because I know how to do it but I think this is something one could do only in a blue moon due to time constraints and cost but it would be great to do as a business. Also I wish we could have learned something cool like how to make a purse or shoes instead of just flowers. But you can always learn it on your own but I'll have to wait till old age I guess.

So now I have two Wilton Cake Decorating certificates; this one and the beginners one, alhumdullilah. Just one more to go; another flower one with royal icing and fondant. Dare I go again?


  1. As salaam alaikum,

    It is nice that you are able to have a hobby and attend classes for it by yourself, maashaa Allah.

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    Masha Allah, alhumdullilah.