Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heavenly Pattern

You might be wondering what we learn at Tae Kwon Do. Right now I am learning the first pattern so I can get my yellow belt. I already have all my stripes. The first pattern is called the Heaven pattern. My kids are learning their 4th pattern now as they already have their green belts. My pattern has 18 steps and its hard for me to remember all of them. I looked at the higher patterns and some have over 50 steps! This sure is something you should take when you are young and find it easy to memorize things. Just like learning the Quran! Dd4 and ds5 have dropped out although ds5 has come a couple of times. They still have only one red stripe. They seem to be too young to concentrate. Ds3 also has dropped out because he was coming for the social aspect and since there are no kids his age coming anymore he feels bored by it. This is really too bad. So only ds2,ds4 and dd3 are still coming with me.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    yaa I remember in Kung Fu trying to remember all the steps it gets repetitive and confusing sometimes even as a kid

  2. Wa salaamu Alaikum

    So I shouldn't feel so bad?