Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Nasihah

Living The Quran
One Community
Al Anbiya (The Prophets) - Chapter 21: Verse 92
"Surely, your community is but one community, and I am your only Lord. So, worship Me alone."
Having discussed many Prophets with the suffering each had to bear and of which they were then relieved by God, and by discussing the distinguished aspect of the character and mission of each, the Quran declares that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, did not bring a different religion: and, thus, all the Prophets and their followers, from the first day of human history on the earth to the Last Day, constitute a single community with God being their Lord, Who alone must be worshipped.
The basic foundation of this faith and the basic point of unity among the believers, which is also the main dynamic against disunity among them, is believing in God as the only Deity, Lord and Sovereign of the whole creation, including, of course, humanity, and worshipping Him alone.
This is the community of Prophets: a single community, sharing the same faith, following the same course, and turning to God alone. Thus we have a single community on earth, and a single Lord in heaven.
Compiled From:
"The Quran: Annotated Interpretation in Modern English" - Ali Unal, p. 678
"In The Shade of The Quran" - Sayyid Qutb, Vol. 12, p. 70

Understanding the Prophet's Life
Perfect Muslims
Bukhari records that God's Messenger, peace be upon him, said: "The Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe. The Emigrant is one who emigrates from what God forbids."
This hadith describes the ideal or norm by beginning with the Muslim, as opposed to a Muslim. In this way, our Prophet draws attention to the qualities of perfect Muslims, not to those who are only nominal Muslims.
Our Prophet mentions the tongue before the hand, for slander, gossip, and insult often do far more damage than physical violence. If people can refrain from verbal assault, they can more easily refrain from physical assault. Moreover, self-defense against physical violence is often easier than that against gossip and slander.
Emigration means more than leaving one's family, house, possessions, and native land for the sake of God. To be capable of the latter, one must emigrate from the material to the spiritual dimension of his or her being, from worldly pleasures to an altruistic life, and from selfish aims to living for a Divine cause. Therefore, obeying Divine prohibitions is directly related to being a good Muslim and to sacrificing one's life in the service of people purely for the sake of God.
Compiled From:
"The Messenger of God: Muhammad" - Fethullah Gulen, pp. 104, 105
True Love

What is Love? Perhaps it cannot be defined in terms which adequately reflect its nature and importance in a person's life. It is not possible to define it by a formula in a manner we define a scientific fact. But still each one of us knows what love is and can tell from our experience the powerful force that it is. It is the overpowering force in life. It captivates you, it grips you, it moves you and you are prepared to do anything for the sake of it. Once love is there, what you do is not something which has to be imposed upon you, because you need imposition only for things you do not love.
Iman (faith) is something which must penetrate deep into your heart and generate an intense love for Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him), more than anything else. Unless this happens, you cannot experience the real Iman. To develop this love for Allah does not require us to retire to or seclude ourselves in a monastery. This love makes us do our duty to Allah, as His representatives, while we are out in the street, at home or in the office. With this love, we live as servants of Allah, everywhere willingly making every sacrifice required of us. In fact, it propels us to share actively in the service of Allah's other creatures. True love of Allah makes one care for people and their needs.
Compiled From:
"In the Early Hours" - Khurram Murad, pp. 63, 64

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