Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Put Me Where I Belong.

Last night while driving, my daughter (dd3 - 11)  started to read duas out loud from her dua book that the teacher had given her. She was reading in English and then she said one which caught my attention so I told her to re-read it. It was about Allah putting you in the best place and I wondered if it meant paradise or on this earth. So I asked our quran teacher and she told me that it was a dua of Nuh (Noah) alaihi salaam. It was the one he made when entering the ark. She said it was for this earth and it asks Allah to give us the best landing. Its usually made when travelling. I told her why I wanted to use it and she said I could use it for that too. What's my reason? I want Allah to put me in the most righteous place, a place where I belong. Would you like to learn it with me? Its short, don't worry. By the way Noah has always been my favourite prophet and not because of his ark full of animals but because everyone laughed at him and in the end he was the last one laughing.

Wa qul rabbi anzilnee munzalaam wa anta khayrul munzileen.

And say :"My Lord, cause me to land at a blessed landing place and You are the best of those who bring to land."

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