Monday, April 2, 2012

Our weekend.

Saturday started off with a bang. Ds1 started unpacking at his new digs. I haven 't seen the place yet though. Apparently the neighbours are friendly. Ds2 entered an engineering competition and was paired together with two other Asians who were strangers to him and after making an impromptu project, they won! Alhumdullilah. Ds3 decided to volunteer at the mosque and they had him clearing out old stuff and painting. Masha Allah. Ds4 made us pancakes. Ds5 learned how to write tomato. As for the girls Dd1 went to a mother-daughter tea party. Sure wish I was there! Masha Allah. Dd2 was working hard. Dd3 made pound cake and then walked it off with me.Dd4 tried riding her bike without training wheels. Gonna need a lot more practice. Dd5 tried out her new tricycle. How was your weekend with the kids?

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