Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dying Room

Someone mentioned this documentary in their comments on a news story. I've always been disgusted with China's one child policy and their preference for males over females. India is also like this even though they can have as many children as they wish. Females are seen as burdens in both societies just as they were in Arab culture 1400 years ago. Thank God Islam came to change that. But in China where you are basically not allowed to have or practice your religion and in India where the majority are Hindus these practices are still thriving. What sickens me too is that at the beginning of the show they mention how whitey just strutted into China and told them how to live; your population is too big, do whatever it takes to stop it. I feel ashamed to be part of the white race which continues to bully the rest of the world with their so-called superior ways. But of course the blame lands on China as well for holding onto these antiquated ways which in the past led to giving up their girls for adoption or abandonment as well. In Malaysia it is so common to find Malays with Chinese background because the Malays would adopt the unwanted girls from Chinese couples in Malaysia. Poor little girls who will never grow up. Meanwhile the men kidnap women from South-East Asian countries and force them to be their brides!


  1. As salaam alaikum,

    My husband always says that women can control the population by controlling who they mate with and Allahu alim.