Monday, October 3, 2011

Leaving So Soon?

Its only been a year and I had the feeling it would happen. My quran teacher is moving away. Why do all the good Muslims leave? Whenever I meet one I know how fleeting our relationship will be, like two ships passing in the night and then they are gone. And why would they stay? They have better places to be and yet what of us the stragglers, the onlookers, the wanna-be's ? Like pathetic fans left behind amongst the lawn chairs, we wait for a new person to climb up on the stage. How long must we wait this time? Trying to find another quran teacher in a small town is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Perhaps this time I will be the one to move onto a better venue, insha Allah.


  1. Until you find another teacher have you tried the online quran?

  2. Salam C - I left a good Quran teacher behind in Syria, mashAllah she's seriously the most encouraging teacher I've ever had and the class was so much fun. If you or your kids ever get a chance to go overseas to learn more on Islam I would encourage you to go to Abu Nour in Damascus, it's very popular with Malaysians and there are dorms available, but there are always apartments for rent close by for fairly cheap.

    Just curious where are you dreaming of moving to?

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Thanks Simply Me. Problem with online stuff is it doesn't correct your mistakes. Converts really need live help.

    Muslim Convert: I can imagine ever living in Syria with what is going on there. I'm dreaming of going to London (Ontario) or Toronto. I've lived in Malaysia before and it didn't live up to my expectations of a real hijra.