Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nines Widosari Boutique

I ordered some items from this company whose importer in Malaysia is Najmi's Candi Bar Hijab and no I don't know why its called that. Malaysians do seem to have a penchant for whimsical names. My hubby was just there, so he picked them up there. A lot of the fabrics were out of stock I think due to Eid just happening, so I was a little disappointed that two of the outfits I wanted were not in stock. I did buy some others though. Although my items were made in time for my hubby to get them they were actually late for the date of pick up and had to be mailed to my husband's address there (no we do not have a vacation home there, just his sister's place). I love the outfits but if you want more selection, order them when there is less business. I noticed the shipping though as I thought it would be, coming such a long way, is sky high...the price of the shipping is as high as the price of the outfit! One of the outfits I bought was black and I hate black but that's what comes with the particular hijab I wanted. However it is very nice as its metallic. Most of the outfits look better in real life than on the site. I love Indonesian fashion as its so different from the rest of the Islamic world and in many people's opinion it is the Paris of the Muslim fashion world.


  1. all the trouble i've gone thru..lol

  2. Salam C
    The hijabs are really pretty, I'm not a fan of the stiff brim though, my daughter has one of these hijabs and mashAllah looks adorable in it. Indonesian and Malaysian clothing is really pretty in general, I love the colours and I have to agree I'm not a fan of black either, at least not on most days.

  3. Wa alaikum Salaam

    Actually they are really soft! The ones my husband brought back from Malaysia last time were really stiff but these ones from Indonesia are soft yet hold their shape.

    Nice to know someone has the same taste as me. :)

  4. Kasih mu diterima