Monday, March 26, 2012

Small hijra, big tears.

Remember I told you about my daughter-in-law converting? Well now my son and her are making hijra to a better Muslim community. This is awesome news right? But its been oh so sad for me. I will get to see them once a month when we go to get halal meat but that's about it. Insha Allah they will visit too since her parents are here too and I wasn't the only one crying was her Mom. I know this is good for them and for my future grandchildren but I wish I was there also; the place where my daughter is at university, the place where my sister and nephews live, the place that was instrumental in finally making me say shahadah. May Allah allow us to follow them there. Amin.


  1. I feel like I'm in your daughter-in-law's shoes. My husband and I will be moving this summer, with our two children, in order to be closer to a strong Muslim community. It's difficult for me because I'll be moving away from my mother.

    Insha'Allah, you will be able to move closer to your son and daughter-in-law.

  2. Do your parents and his feel the same way too?

    Insha Allah.

  3. That is the only thing I worry when my children get older - that they will move away!

  4. Start building another wing on your house ;)