Monday, March 26, 2012

Stupidest Book Ever!

So on Saturday I was making up one of my fast days and decided to read a library book called The Bestest Ramadan Ever. Its for teens but I think that its good for parents of teens to read these book and get the low down. I thought this book like other teen muslim novels would show how the  teen starts off badly but in the end becomes a better Muslim. So not! I want to hurl after reading this book. I realize that there are actually Muslims like this but this book gives you no hope. If  you liked All American Muslim and didn't cringe, then you will love this book. Otherwise run for the hills. The character thinks Ramadan is a great weight loss program and that's it. She thinks she is great for getting through it without cheating but doesn't pray, doesn't give charity and doesn't even make dua for Allah to accept her fast at the time of fast breaking. Its unbelievable but it gets worse. During Ramadan she finally gets a boyfriend and kisses him! One of the reasons Ramadan is the bestest! Ahhhh.....Ok read this only if you really want to know how bad some Muslim teens are but otherwise forget it. The book ends with them celebrating Eid on the beach, not the mosque, wearing bikinis and hoping their future kids will be even less religious than them!


  1. ...... that is so terrible........


  2. ugh,sounds gross. Reminds me of some "teen guide to Islam" type thing a friend lent me to have a look at. DD19 got hold of it and said it went against everything she had ever been taught about Islam!!
    although I think the phrase "the bestest" may have been a big red flag in this book's title :-p
    Why is it so RARE to see books showing ordinary, regular, practising Muslims who love their deen?

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum Huda,

    I wonder that too! And I wonder why the majority of library books are like this;either muslims not practicing or muslim terrorists. Where are the books about normal muslims?