Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book I just read...Act like a lady

Just finished reading Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey.  This books subtitle is What men really think about love,relationships, intimacy and commitment. A lot of the stuff I knew but contrary to what all women think men only think about all day ..yeah food and you know what, this author says the number one thing men think of all the time is success. How they will get a job, how they will keep that job, how they will move ahead in their lives. Its their number one priority. Well this was written by a Christian who does mention God a lot but one would hope that a Muslim man's top priority would be his relationship with God before anything else. Some advice is unislamic like waiting for 90 days to put out, ahem. Islam says wait until the wedding night. I still think though this book has a lot of useful interesting information and would be especially good for non-Muslims to read regarding putting more worth on themselves and expecting nothing less than the ring.

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