Monday, May 28, 2012

Curry Queen ( Niagara Falls) Sharing the Same Dream

Last week I went on a school trip with my kids to Niagara Falls. The one thing that was on my mind was where was I going to pray Zuhr and Asr on the second day. The first day was ok as we could do it at the hotel but the next day was a mystery for me. So I kept making dua for Allah to make it easy for me. I still remember 21 yrs ago when I was a Christian sitting on the fence of whether I would convert or not and I saw Muslims praying at Niagara Falls on the grass. It was one of the two things that motivated me to finally make the leap into Islam. May Allah bless those people always. Amin. So on the second day while my daughter watched a 4D movie I went on the hunt to find a spot. First I walked into a store and I looked around and saw hookahs and a pyramid and thought maybe this is a Muslim place. I asked the guy and he said that yes he was Muslim. I asked if there was anywhere around that I could pray and he said no. Not letting that defeat me I moved on and came across a halal sign in Arabic, one of the few things I can read in Arabic, lol. I walked up to the woman in hijab and asked if there was anywhere I could pray and she said that she could lend me a prayer mat to pray in her restaurant. I told her just wait I need to go get my daughter. I went back and got her but I didn't know where my son was as he was with another group. We went in and did wudu and prayed. Alhumdullilah these people opened their doors and hearts to fellow Muslims. May Allah reward them immensely. Amin. If you happen to go to Niagara Falls and need a place to pray and maybe even eat then please try Curry Queen on Clifton Hills in Niagara Falls. Alhumdullilah for Allah answering my prayer.

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