Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Modern Hijab Giveaway

Modern Hijab Giveaway!

Mona from Modern Hejab is giving away some lovely items from her online shop. Firstly, a unique Bahrain clutch. I was amazed with these clutches and their Arabic calligraphy designs. How often do you see that? Can you just picture yourself with one at the mosque, an Islamic seminar or a halaqa?  The second, giveaway is a $10 gift card to be spent at her shop.

So how can you get these wonderful items?
1. Tell us how you are a "Modern Mohajaba" and  what it means to you.
2. Check out the shop and tell us what item you would want for yourself and why and also which one would you pick for a friend or relative and why.

You should also like the Modern Hejab on facebook  to stay up to date on their contests, giveaways and discounts! So what are you waiting for? You could be the first couple of winners in my first ever fashion giveaway.

The winner will be chosen on May 23! Don't miss out!


  1. How nice... I've always wanted to do a 'giveaway', maybe I should do one soon.

  2. I love having a modest but modern age appropriate style. Being a modern mohajaba means maintaining my muslim identity while still reflecting my modern style.

    I love the kuwait handbag!

  3. 1. I am a mohajaba who values modesty which is a rare thing to find in these modern times :)

    2. I like the Somalia handbag in red- I am always looking for bags with long straps and the arabic calligraphy design is so fun and artsy and reflects my personality

    I would pick the double heart brooche to gift to a relative so they could wear it with any outfit and think of me whenever they did :D

  4. 1. I enjoy being able to be fashionable yet modest and being a modern mohajaba means I can be those things. I have been influenced by so many of my fellow muslimahs who have proved to me that you can dress beautiully still be modest and reflect who you are. That is the beauty of Islam

    2. Omg so many choices :) if I had to choose I'd go for the butterfly effect print hijab as I am completely in love with the thin hijabs with floral and butterfly prints, theyre so right for summer. I would give my friend/relative the kuwait handbag because the calligraphy and design of the handbag is beautiful and so unique and because it can be given to anyone - definitely a memorable gift :)