Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Health Journey Part 7

So the journey continues....As part of my Nadoona program I am doing food substitutions now since last week and including this week. This is when we substitute food from our unique menus. For example I can have fish instead of chicken for supper and even seafood. For the first time in my life I had mahi-mahi. Its good! This weekend I also went for cupping again and had mostly dry cupping. You can really feel the suctioning. Much less intrusive than the wet cupping. Next time it will be mostly wet cupping and she will even do my feet insha Allah. She also gave me some arnica which I've tried before during pregnancy and I know it works well. She gave it me for my broken toe; hurts when I walk on it. Try it, arnica is great! Because of my broken toe I haven't been exercising and the doctor said the only thing I can do is exercises with my arms and swimming. So this weekend I also went swimming with my daughter who is also Nadoona strong! Ah, so refreshing and relaxing. Masha Allah. So I hope to do more to get in even greater shape insha Allah.

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