Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wanted Women

Finally I have finished this massive 500 page book,ugh, the things I get myself into. This  is a brand new book that I got from my library and it follows the lives of two infamous Muslim women. Even after all that reading I don't know what to think. Of course with Ayaan I had already heard about her and here in Canada we have Tariq so I'm used to that type. But when it comes to Afia I am at a loss as I know no one like that, I don't even remember hearing about her in the news. I sure learned a lot from this book in terms of Somali culture and history and about immigration in Holland. As for Pakistan I feel I am still in the dark as I feel that maybe the truth won't even come out in my lifetime. This book is written by a non-muslim but I find she tries for the most part to be fair but of course there is a bias. Allahu alim. Insha Allah one day we will know the truth about all these things.

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