Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fly Like a Butterfly...

You may have noticed the ad for Sunnah Style on my blog which I've had for quite some time now. I finally ordered from them myself and got an outfit I have been thinking about for years! Hearing about Butterfly Abayas over the years always made me intrigued and I wondered how they were to wear. Recently I received my purple Butterfly abaya and wore it for Jumuah prayer. Alhumdullilah it came with the dua for wearing new clothes and I recited that before putting it on. The material is great for a spring day which it was. The temperature now is heating up though and I haven't tried it in above 20 degree temperatures. I also bought the matching shayla and its kind of thick compared to most and takes some time to pin. I love how the Butterfly abaya looks. Its so regal. You might accidentally hit something with the sleeves though. Sunnah Style is right here in Ontario so you get it pretty fast and can get it altered for an extra $2. If you like something simple yet elegant, this is for you. Its not bling bling so no worries. Dh loved it too. Masha Allah. Alhumdullilah. Interested? Just click on the ad on my blog.

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