Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Healthy Journey Part 6

Last week I started Nadoona officially. Actually I had a jump start and did some of  the requirements about a month ago. I did the weigh-in and measurements and did my food menu. I also tried to be more active which is a struggle with my leg problem. This week we are following the menu plan we were given and we did another weigh-in and alhumdullilah I'm making progress. I haven't been able to start the workout videos yet though as I have another health problem which I hope will heal soon insha Allah. May Allah make it easy for all the participants including my daughter Amin.


  1. Asa - good luck! Is it expensive? How do they help you work out/loose weight from online? I'd looked at it, but am so unsure about the whole way it works.

    1. Wa alaikum Salaam

      Its 3 payments of $99 and lasts 2 months. They have workout videos online. You have a personal portal and you can click on them. They are private. They also have webinars and a facebook page for members and they phone you too. You can ask them questions anytime through email or the phone.