Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Storage solutions?

When you live in a shoe with so many kids you don't know what to do,things can get a little cramped! So off I went to a free organizing seminar. We got some coupons and a handout with tips first of all,then we watched a slide show with more tips and some before and after photos. I didn't feel like I had learned very much since I noticed that I was already implementing her advice. At the end there was a draw and lo and behold I was the winner of this. I decided to talk to her personally and she said I could either get another shed,rent storage ($100 a month..so not happening) or build an addition. So I'm no further ahead except for my lovely parting gift masha Allah.


  1. It's always fun to win things :)

    But what is it exactly?

  2. Its supposed to be an office tote. It can be used for bringing things home from the office or for using in your home office. Neither thing applies to me so I have to find an alternative use I guess.