Monday, October 26, 2009

They're blinding me with SCIENCE!

My son is studying cells and the use of microscopes. Today I got him to draw and label all the parts of the cell; animal and plant. I also found this for him. My other son rushed along and finished both biodiversity and flight and started his electricity unit today. He used his electricity kit to turn on a light switch, buzzer and twirl a windmill. My daughter was learning about joints and my son in grade 3 was continuing his learning of plants. Pollination was the topic for today and this website was a great help. A good project for this can be found here. Now I have been inspired to take a trip here. I wish I had learned more about science when I was young. I always shunned it but becoming muslim really piqued my interest and homeschooling reinforces that.


  1. I don´t get while parents are homeschooling their children when science shows that children are better of going to kindergarten with other children - children who are homeschooled have worse mental health, so I don´t get why that is something that is encouraged?
    Also, if people don´t learn in a early age to cooparate with a multitude of people, how will they do it later.. School is one of few places where all sorts of people can meet and learn to co-exist.. I think many problems arise, prejudices, when people never meet and get to really know each other..

  2. Do you have any proof for saying they have worse mental health? Many famous people were homeschooled. My kids are still mixing with lots of people and this is their first year of homeschooling.