Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bonnets and Buggies

Last weekend we went to St. Jacob's. We planned it even before we realized it was part of the grade 3 curriculum social studies unit about settlements in upper Canada (the previous name of Ontario). St. Jacob's is a mennonite village. Arrriving late we missed a lot of attractions unfortunately but we had previously paid someone a condolence visit so that was the priority. We were able to see the museum to learn the history of the mennonites here and we did get to see them on the streets in their horse and buggies. At the bakery we saw mennonite women working. Although there are also mennonite women in our little town too, I've never seen them working at a store before. One of my friends has just had a baby so I thought I'd get her a handmade gift. I checked out the baby quilts but yikes for $100 I just couldn't afford that. Not to say that they weren't worth every penny considering all the work that went into them but I think we are so used to Walmart sweatshop prices that realistic prices floor us. There were also baby bonnets and those were for $20. I was thinking that if I gave it to her she would assume that it was a $3 bonnet from Walmart and wonder at my lack of generosity so I passed up on it. But they were so cute. Insha Allah we will go back in the spring so we can do the trip justice this time. At least though we did pretty much cover the mennonite settlement in upper Canada requirement.


  1. Hi's Aisha aka Qiyama! love ur blog!

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum Aisha, glad that you love it masha Allah.